Expressway Classical Trio/Quartet

Classical Duo’s,Trio and Quartets NYC

Classical music options for weddings and other occasions.


Classical Trio for weddings NYC classical quartet for weddings

The Expressway Music Duo/Trio/Quartet is hired often both by Brides/Grooms for their Pre-ceremony, Wedding Ceremony and sometimes cocktail hour and by many Corporate Clients for Cocktail hours and Dinner events.
Our ensemble is headed by Joan (whom has an MA in Performance from The University of California and has performed at the top venues in NYC like Carnegie Hall and the Lincoln Center)  Members have played on several Broadway shows and have performed with well-known musicians such as Ray Charles and Chicago. Joan also performed for Michael Douglas/Catherine Zeta-Jones’ wedding and Billy Joel’s Birthday party.

Trio: Violin, cello, viola, flute combinations available

Quartet: 2 violins, viola, cello

Partial Classical Songlist


  1. Vivaldi Spring (Violin and Cello Duo) Expressway Music Classical Duo
  2. Telemann Presto (Violin + Cello Duo) Expressway Music Classical Duo
  3. Canon in D (2 Violins + Cello) Expressway Music Classical Trio
  4. Canon in D (2 Violins + Cello + Viola) Expressway Music Classical Quartet