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  • January23rd


    In 1992 Dave Swirsky founded Expressway Music DJ in NYC with a vision for clients to be able to come to one company to confidently be able to hire the best Wedding DJ’s in NYC (Disc Jockeys), Live Musicians and Karaoke services all from one source. Expressway Music DJ’s will provide you with the Best DJ’s available in NYC for your wedding (or private event) and if you would like to have Live Classical Music for your wedding ceremony and/or cocktail hour (i.e. string trio, violinist, harpist etc) you don’t have to spend the hours it takes to look online for live musicians (and then interview them) You can get both the DJ and Live Musicians(Jazz, Classical more) from the same great, trusted source…..Expressway Music Wedding DJs NYC!! (We are non cheesy and gimmick free)

    We have also been providing Karaoke services (corporate, kids, home)longer than anyone else here in New York City with great success.

    We also have both basic & state of the art decor uplighting or dance floor lighting . Unless you are having an extremely large event our lighting is ideal 95% of the time and quite affordable.

    And we don’t stop there!!!….if you need a projector and screen to show your Montage we have state of the art video projectors and projection screens. 

    In addition to the many elegant weddings we DJ here in NYC, we are also hired year after year by many NYC/Worldwide Law Firms, PR Agencies, Accounting Firms and many other corporate companies as dj’s for their parties and events both large and small. Our DJ’s are also requested every year by NYC firms both large and small to dj their holiday/Xmas/Christmas parties and events at all types of NYC venues and party spaces.

    Clients also come to us to DJ their child’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah where they want the dj and entertainment to be fun for the kids and adults and not too loud for anyone! Our DJ’s and Dancers “get it” and we can provide you with endless NYC references of  Mitzvahs we’ve dj’d that were both tastefully presented and FUN!

    We know how busy you are! We want to take the stress and work over hiring dj and live music services for your NYC event away completely. Music is so pleasurable and fun and we want to make your experience in hiring a great dj the same way. Let Expressway Music NYC be the one source you call for your DJ and Live Music Entertainment. We have 22 years of references we would love to show you. Call or email owner/DJ Dave Swirsky to discuss your party/event. We look forward to speaking to you!

    212-953-9367 or

  • January22nd

    Here are some random photos of our much requested Great NYC Disc Jockey’s

    DJ Dave Swirsky @ Studio 450 NYC for Wedding

    DJ Dave Swirsky @ Studio 450 NYC for Wedding

    DJ Taylor @ Manhattan Penthouse for Wedding

    DJ Taylor @ Manhattan Penthouse for Wedding

    Disc Jockey Dan Kingman at UN Plaza Hotel NYC for Wedding

    Disc Jockey Dan Kingman at UN Plaza Hotel NYC for Wedding
    DJ Alex dj'ing great Wedding in New York City

    DJ Alex dj’ing great Wedding in New York City

     GREAT NY City Disc Jockey’s. DJ Dave, DJ Dan, DJ Alberto, DJ Taylor, DJ Alex, DJ Jen Jen, DJ Jeanine, DJ Jay, DJ DM

  • January9th

    Thank you to our wonderful clientele and to!!!

    Weddings, Wedding VenuesExpressway Music NYC DJ's, Best Wedding DJs in New York City - 2013 Bride's Choice Award Winner

  • March1st

    DJ Mixing and Scratching are two completely different animals.  Mixing is better to utilize for private party’s and events then scratch dj’ing while Scratch dj’ing is preferred in nightclubs. This is not to say that one form is necessarily better then the other it’s just that straight ahead mixing is better for private events while Scratch dj’ing is better for nightclubs and similar venues.

    Scratch DJ’ing is not typically done at Weddings because of it’s quick starts and stops that is frankly impossible to dance to. Also Scratch dj’ing is ideal for DJ Competitions which a mixing dj doesn’t typically participate in. The top Scratch disc jockeys get paid an enormous sum of money because their 5 or 10 minute sets are unique and frankly pretty amazing however that type of dj’ing is never required or requested at a wedding or private party because for those people/guests want to hear the full original songs played in an order custom for that particular crowd. This is where the mixing dj comes in.

    Of course this is only the opinion of one DJ here at Expressway Music DJ NYC!!!

  • January15th

    As Professional New York City DJ’s we really appreciate working with professional Wedding Planners. The best ones make our job much easier and enjoyable. Here are some of the best articles we’ve found about Wedding Planning professionals and how they can make your wedding the best it can possibly be and help you in every aspect of Wedding Planning From Disc Jockey to Photographer to Caterer and more…..

    What Do Wedding Planners Do?

    Wedding Planners Make Things a Lot Easier If You Know What You’re Looking For

    By , Guide

    The Duties of Wedding Planners

    Typically, wedding planners start off by meeting with the couple to:

    • understand the events – not just the wedding day itself, but also the rehearsal dinner, bridesmaid teas, day after brunches, and any other related events.
    • review the overall budget
    • understand the style, colors, vibe, and taste of the couple
    • discuss progress to date

    They’ll then propose how they might be helpful and present the couple with a contract for the wedding planners’ services. Probably they will be a combination of some of the below, depending on your needs and budget:

    Organizational Queens
    Even if you’re newly engaged, you’re probably realizing that this process includes many many details that require you to be organized, stick to a budget, and stay on schedule. So even if you are a well organized person, you’ll want to make sure that your wedding planners are not only on top of things, but that they’ll help you stay on top of things. They’ll

    • create and review vendor contracts
    • organize your wedding day timeline
    • coordinate vendor arrivals and deliveries with your venues
    • prevent expensive mistakes such as rush shipping charges or unnecessary changes
    • remind you of obligations, appointments, and budget constraints

    Style Mavens
    For those of you who are looking at bridal magazines, but worry you don’t have the aesthetic eye to pull it off, look for wedding planners who are designers. They can

    • give you ideas, and tell you about current trends
    • help pull together any disjointed elements, and create a unified “look”
    • see and add details you might have missed
    • coordinate the florist, caterer, printers, invitation companies, graphic designers and any other aesthetic vendors
    • help you choose bridesmaid dresses and other wedding party attire, your bridal gown and/or groom’s wear
    • find coordinating and stylish favors
    • design your tables, lighting and other visual details.

    Peace Makers
    If you’re constantly arguing with your parents, or with each other, wedding planners can use their negotiating skills to create peace. Whether it’s talking to the mother-of-the-groom about the blood red dress she wants to wear, or helping to mediate budget disagreements, and saving you from etiquette snafus, wedding planners can be invaluable.

    Vendor Resources
    Experienced wedding planners have a rolodex of contacts in the biz, so they may be able to find you that reception venue with the perfect view, or the one caterer who will work with small budgets. They may also be able to pull in favors to get discounts or freebies.

    Day-of-Wedding Coordinators
    On your wedding day, you’re going to be pulled in a million directions. Old friends will want to say hello, you’ll want to relax and get ready, and people will be asking you far too many questions. And that’s just before the ceremony starts. Wedding planners can help you avoid the chaos by

    • meeting vendors and deliveries, and handling any no-shows
    • solving other last-minute emergencies
    • running the rehearsal
    • setting up the ceremony and reception spaces
    • making sure that the wedding party is on time and in the right places
    • coordinating the reception timeline
    • dealing with wedding crashers and unruly guests
    • ensuring that the space is left clean and that you’ll get your deposits back
    • collecting personal items wedding gifts and making sure they get back to you safely.
    • returning rentals and borrowed items.

    Most wedding planners will handle these tasks, but it is possible to hire people just for these tasks. Though they’re called “day-of” coordinators, you should meet with them at least a month in advance, and they should start confirming with vendors at least a few days before the event.

    Full-scale wedding planners for big budget brides

        These are the wedding planners that you see on TV. They do everything — creating a lavish event to impress and handling all the details while the happy couple just gets to enjoy the whole event.

    Things to Watch Out for With Wedding Planners

      • First and foremost, you need wedding planners who are easy to contact and responsive to your needs. If they don’t return your calls promptly or don’t seem organized, look elsewhere.
      • Make sure that you like their taste and style – you want your big day to look like you, not like your wedding planners.
      • Like any vendor, you’ll want to have a clear contract with your wedding planners that spells out their duties, costs and expenses, and deposits and payment schedules. Make sure there are clauses that spell out how increased duties and costs will be negotiated, and what happens if they fail to meet obligations or you want to cancel the contract.


    What Does A Wedding Planner Do?

    After the excitement of your engagement starts to wear off you come to realize that now you have a wedding to plan. Your wedding day will probably be one of the biggest days of your life and you want it to be perfect. However, there are so many elements to think about and plan for in order to have the wedding of your dreams. If you have talked to your married friends, many of them will tell you that you should hire a wedding planner. But what does a wedding planner do? Wedding planners can make the whole planning process go more smoothly and less stressful for you and your partner. If you are planning to have a small and simple wedding then you may not even need the help of a planner. However, if you are planning to have a larger or more extravagant wedding then you will definitely need a little help!

    Something I touched on earlier: What does a wedding planner do? Many women aren’t quite sure exactly what a wedding planner does. Knowing exactly what a wedding planner does will help you decide whether the help of a wedding planner will be right for you. A wedding planner’s job is not always the same for every wedding they help plan, but their goal is. They take on the job of many different people such as a designer, organizer, budgeter, coordinator, and much more depending on the client. To see if a wedding planner is right for you, keep reading!


    Every wedding planner starts their job by scheduling a consultation with the bride and groom. During the consultation, the wedding planner (or in some cases, the online wedding planner) will sit down with you and your partner to determine the level of planning you would like them to be involved in. You can choose to have your wedding planner do just about everything or you can choose specific jobs for them to handle.


    Not every couple is great at setting a budget for their wedding. If you are a young couple and it’s your first time getting married, it can be hard to figure out how much money to spend on what. Your wedding planner can sit down with both of you and guide you in the right direction. They can read over a budget that you have already come up with to see if it is feasible for the type of wedding you desire. If you’re planning to have a few wedding planner games though, it might be a bit more expensive.

    Location Finder

    If you are having a church wedding then you will most likely choose the church yourselves. However, if you are not having a church wedding and are unsure where to have the ceremony and the reception, the wedding planner can help. All you have to do is give the planner an idea of what type of place you would like and they will do the rest! They can search for venues that match your criteria and make phone calls to inquire about prices and availability for your wedding date.


    You and your partner will be busy with work and other obligations during the wedding planning process. It is hard enough to keep up with your regular schedule without the added stress of planning your wedding. A wedding planner acts as a calendar keeper and timeline regulator. Your planner will be in charge of setting and keeping meetings, arranging phone calls, setting up rehearsal dinners, and anything else pertaining to your wedding. The planner will do all of this around your schedule so that it’s as convenient for you as possible.

    Wedding Apparel

    If you are having trouble finding bridesmaids dresses, groomsmen suits, a flower girl dress, and a ring bearer outfit, don’t worry. You can ask your wedding planner to help you find the correct colors, sizes and styles of attire you will need. They will also make sure that everything is within your budget. If you are having issues with your wedding dress, your wedding planner can help you with everything from finding a great dress to finding a great seamstress to do alterations.


    There are a lot of smaller, but equally important details that need to be addressed when planning for a wedding. Something as simple as choosing a florist and type of flower arrangements may sound easy. However, once the smaller details start to pile up you can become overwhelmed very quickly! If you have a wedding planner, you can tell them the color scheme you want for your wedding and what types of flowers you would like. The planner does the rest! The planner will price out different florists and find the best price deals for you. They will also make sure that the florist supplies the type of flowers and arrangements that you are looking for. They will arrange everything from the type of arrangement to the drop off and placement of the arrangements.


    If you choose to have music during your wedding ceremony and at your reception, your wedding planner can help you with the arrangements. They will look at your budget and see what type of music will fit. If you choose to have live music or a DJ, the planner can search for ones that are within our budget and that are available on the date you have set for your wedding. Your planner will also arrange a meeting with several options for you to hear and you can choose from there.


    If you are having trouble with choosing your wedding favors, your wedding planner can help you narrow your choices down. They will help you decide which ones are within your budget and go with the theme of your wedding.


    Planning the food you will have at your reception is a big part of the planning process. There are so many vendors and types of food to choose from. You want to make sure that you can accommodate all of your guests, especially if some are vegan, vegetarian or have special dietary restrictions. Your wedding planner will search for vendors that fit your budget and can provide the types of food you want for your wedding.

    Floor Plans

    The seating arrangement for your guests is also a big part of your wedding planning. If you are having a larger wedding this task can be quite nerve racking. However, your planner will be by your side to help you decide how much seating will be required to accommodate all of your guests. They can also help you choose the type of seating and table arrangements that you want. They will also search for a vendor that will fit into your budget.

    Photographer and Videographer

    Since your wedding day will be a joyous occasion that you will want to remember for the rest of your lives, finding a great photographer and videographer to document it is very important. Your wedding planner can set up meetings with perspective photographers and videographers so that you can look over their portfolios and compare their work. Your planner will also make sure that the list of photographers and videographers you can choose from will easily fit into your budget.

    Hotel and Transportation

    Many couples are choosing to have destination weddings. If you are having a destination wedding, a lot of time will be spent on finding and booking hotel rooms for you and your partner as well as your guests. This also means that you will need to made arrangements for transportation. Part of your wedding planner’s job is to find lodging that is stylish and comfortable, but will not break your bank! They will also arrange for a limo service for you and your partner to and from your ceremony, reception and hotel (or airport if necessary). You can also ask your wedding planner to arrange transportation for your guests as well. Even if you are not having a destination wedding, you will still need your wedding planner to arrange accommodations for guests coming in from out of town as well as transportation for you and your partner on the day of your wedding.


    Yes, the honeymoon is part of planning a wedding even though it comes after. You can ask your wedding planner to help with your honeymoon travel arrangements, lodging and even arrange fun things to do while you are on your honeymoon!

    Set-Up and Break-Down

    Your wedding planner’s job is to also make sure that everything is set up properly before your wedding and reception. They will make sure that the flowers, tables, chairs and food arrive at the right places and are placed accordingly. They will make sure that the music is correct for both the ceremony and reception. After all the fun and excitement of your big day, the last thing you want to worry about is the break-down of the reception hall. Your wedding planner will make sure that it is all taken care of and send you both on your way to an amazing, romantic and stress-free honeymoon! They should be able to go through every item on this wedding planner checklist.

    Remember, not every wedding is the same. You don’t have to ask your wedding planner to do everything on this list. You can choose what you can’t do or don’t have time to do and have your wedding planner take care of it. Your wedding planner is there to be a guide, a mediator, a reminder, a second opinion, a helper, and even a friend. Your wedding planner is there to work with you and your partner to help you achieve the wedding of your dreams. In the end, you will be very glad that you hired a wedding planner to make everything come together perfectly!

    This post was written by…

    Ashley Orwitz+ – who has written over 100 articles on wedding planning in her career.

    Ashley graduated from New York University in 2003 and she’s been planning weddings ever since. Ashley started How To Become A Wedding so she could help aspiring wedding planners achieve the job of their dreams.

    70 Things Your Wedding Planner Can Do

    by Jennifer Borgh, WPICC, of Jennifer Borgh Events in Toronto

    Potential clients love to know each and every thing I will do on their wedding day and it’s extremely hard to remember off the top of my head the huge list of tasks I will be performing.

    Below I have compiled a list of things that I have done at weddings.  I ask you to put “Who will” before every item and avoid putting too much burden on family and friends and especially yourself to do these thing on the day.  Hiring a professional wedding planner can take the stress and worry out of this list of things you plan for and things you don’t plan for.

    1. Help you to create the type of wedding you want. Help you create a vision and bring it to life.
    2. Making the couple/family happy by relieving her of all the stressful details on the day.
    3. Assist photographers with family photo lists so they can spend time taking photos
    4. Carry bridal kit full of items that might be needed on the day (sewing kit, cough candies, breath mints, pins)
    5. Serve as crowd control making sure no passer-bys are in your wedding photos or in the way of your ceremony
    6. Help guests get home safely (call taxi)
    7. Organize couple’s paperwork, contracts and keep copies on hand to make sure all vendors follow through
    8. Come up with a colour scheme and theme
    9. Clean stains/dirt in wedding gown
    10. Steam wedding gown
    11. Recommend a venue that fits your budget and ideas
    12. Recommend DJ/band/entertainment
    13. Oversee everything to make sure it runs on time
    14. Recommend floral designer
    15. Recommend décor designers
    16. Set up details (place cards, menus, table numbers, seating chart)
    17. Oversee and run the rehearsal
    18. Help men attach boutonnières
    19. Fix broken boutonnières
    20. Fix fallen hems
    21. Fix broken straps
    22. Last minute prep and fluff of the bride before walking down the aisle
    23. Oversee vendor set up
    24. Bring all vendors together to make sure we all make the same vision come to reality
    25. Assist vendors (did they forget something, need directions, need water, need someone to hold their equipment)
    26. Lead horse:)
    27. Design floor plan for reception/ceremony
    28. Set up “reserved” signs/aisle markers for ceremony
    29. Supervise card box and lock it up securely in safe
    30. Pack wedding gifts and any wedding supplies that need to go home at the end of the night in bridal suite
    31. Help with re-application of make-up/carry extra make up if needed
    32. Deal with small medical issues such as: cuts, scrapes, allergies
    33. Pick up forgotten items
    34. Store items
    35. Transport items from ceremony to reception
    36. Check washrooms to make sure they are clean
    37. Sew missing buttons, split dresses, broken bustles
    38. Source vendors/items for last minute issues
    39. Make sure your guests are well taken care of
    40. Help with execution of food service/timing
    41. Provide emotional support
    42. Deal with small family issues and help mediate (I am not a trained therapist, there are limits to this)
    43. Review vendor contracts
    44. Distribute final payments/gratuities
    45. Find last minute seating for guests that forgot to RSVP
    46. Guide bridal party (how to hold bouquet for best photos, where to be, what to do)
    47. Polish shoes
    48. Clean dirt off of shoes
    49. Roll lint off of men’s suits
    50. Fix cake mishaps
    51. Help determine/allocate budget/track budget
    52. Meet with vendors for 2nd opinion
    53. Order/source tents, outdoor toilets
    54. Source/arrange transportation-horse & carriages, limos, luxury cars, buses
    55. Create day of timeline for vendors
    56. Create day of detailed timeline to follow
    57. Help plan and schedule events so they flow well and have enough allocated time
    58. Suggest bridal gown stores and come for appointment (if desired)
    59. Source and make appointments for hair and make-up artists.
    60. Help you choose your music (although I do suggest doing this with your DJ/Band)
    61. Touch base with vendors and address any concerns or issues.
    62. Inform all vendors of addresses and key phone numbers/reconfirm times
    63. Help with assigning seating (although it’s best to be done by the couple who know the guests individually and who should be sitting with whom)
    64. Bustle wedding gown
    65. Book spa treatments
    66. Book hotel blocks
    67. Recommend and book honeymoon
    68. Book guest travel
    69. Assist and let you know proper etiquette
    70. See potential issues before they happen, suggest ways to avoid or make the plans better.

    The items that are done for the wedding are not necessarily all on this list.  These items don’t necessarily apply to each and every wedding.